James work includes drawing, collage, paint and photographs. He is post-post-modern, post-avant-garde, post-punk and pre-nouveau-future with a relaxed position, mistakes are part of the process.

He uses a methodical, conceptual, approach to art-making, the earliest evolutions as a painter were abstractions as evident in the work in 1994-1997.

Early influences were the sculptures of Donald Judd, Richard Artschwager, Jorge Pardo, paintings of Philip Guston, Sigmar Polke, Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, Martin Kippenberger, Peter Halley, George Baselitz, Dave Muller, the films of Chris Marker (Sans Soleil), Jean-Luc Goddard, Andy Warhol, Kenneth Anger, and vintage surf films from the likes of George Greenough including the work from multi-disciplined artists Doug Aitken, Lisa Ann Auerbach, Geoff Mcfettridge, Chris Burden and Tim Hawkinson among others.
The writings of Robert Smithson also had a strong influence on James’ art practice for his search for meaning in his work and the transcendental quality of art. After reading Deleuze and Guattari’s “Capitalism and Schizophrenia” the perception of america took on a mind-altering kaleidoscopic dimension. Aldous Huxley has given permission to be under the influence of fiction in the utopian masterpiece “Brave New World”, a never ending battle for the character Arturo Bandini in John Fante’s “Ask the Dust” has also been an inspiration. “John Fante was my god”, said James Fish.


EXHIBITIONS (partial list)

2013 LeZarts de la Bievre (Paris)
2012 Community Sculpture (Paris)
2011 Portes Ouvertes (Paris)
2011 Sangria (Los Angeles, CA)
2009 Art Tank (Los Angeles, CA)
2009 Los Angeles County Municipal Art Gallery
2009 DIYGallery (Los Angeles, CA)
2008 “WallArt” (Los Angeles, CA)
2008 “Sk8tology” (Long Beach, CA)
2008 DIYGallery (Los Angeles, CA) “Little Utopia”
2007 DIYGallery (Los Angeles, CA) “Help The Homeless Help Themselves”
2007 Limited Addiction gallery (Denver,CO)
2006 Jflynn Gallery (Costa Mesa, CA) “Un-stretched Canvas”
2006 Giant Robot (Los Angeles, CA) “Post-it Deux”
2006 “Up Our Sleeves” (Los Angeles, CA)
2006 Williamson Gallery (Pasadena, CA) “Drawn To Expression”
2003 111 Minna Gallery (San Francisco, CA) “Surf Style”
2002 Culture Cache (San Francisco, CA) “Robots Have Feelings Too”
2001 ACME Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) “Fore and Aft”
1998 “Delights and Extras” curated by Charity Burnett and Soyoung Hur
1996 Threadwaxing Space Gallery (New York)
1995 Blum & Poe Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) Solo Exhibition
1995 Blum & Poe Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) “Mi Casa, Su Casa”

1991 B.F.A. Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.